Project Payday Investigation – Does it Work?

One article of review I felt I had to write was a Project Payday Investigation.

It is a way for people to earn money online. But, it is not a great way to earn money.

In fact I felt is was a losing money sum game.

When an online job simply pays less than working a minimum wage job, you should just go to work somewhere.

Here is my Project Payday Investigation review.

  • Name – Project Payday
  • Website –
  • Owners Name –  Monika St. John
  • Price  – $0 or $37+ Bonus (upsell)
  • Overall Rank – Fair to Poor 2/10
  • Product Name – Incentivized Products

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Update: This website is no longer in business. If you are looking for a way to Earn Money Online Check out my link below

The Project Payday Investigation

Is Project Payday really worth the effort? It is similar to the effort and time required for making money with Swagbucks. Swagbucks is a similar type system for making money, but requires a lot of time and patience!

Project Payday Investigation

They offer a free trial bonus where you can earn enough credits to join for free or just sign up  for $37.

Basically an online business that insists you can easily begin to make hundreds of dollars a month.

I can tell you for a fact, I tried it,and it is not easy money, and very few people are skilled enough to make any money.

It requires a learning curve and very good organizational skills. Not to mention you are putting your credit on the line using your own credit cards. 

How Does Project Payday Work?

You put up your credit card, give your numbers, and sign up for free offers.Then you are told to hang onto the offer for almost all of the offer trial period before you cancel. This requires great organizational skills. And constant updating to keep you current and insure you cancel before the “free trial” ends. Not all the trials are free, some require payment.

People trying to juggle 5 or 6 offers at once easily miss one or two and end up paying for the products.It only takes one product purchase to make your free offer not so free anymore.

Pro Level

Well, the program offers another Pro level where you pay people to do the buying for you, and they take all the risk. That is why the program is still popular.

Most people realize they want to get others to do the buying, so that creates a need for more people to keep it going. But, the catch is, you must make two offers in the Project Payday’s Incentive program. Project payday has these labeled as Incentivized offers. Once you make two Incentivised offers, you qualify for the pro level.

Can You Make Money With Project Payday?

It is basically another waste of time program that has everyone trying to out-do each other.

But, you can make some money. However, to make money that amounts to anything, you need to be highly organized and skilled!

It is a must to be cancelling the offers before the trial ends, otherwise you buy products!

Companies look at people doing this as being fraudulent, because they are not really intending to buy the product.

If you don’t see any moral issues with that, then I suppose you could possibly go on to make some money, but you won’t get rich.

Update: This website is no longer in business. If you are looking for a way to Earn Money Online Check out my link below

Pros And Cons


  • No starting capital needed
  • Can be done from home
  • No experience needed to start
  • Work any hours you want


  • Not real shoppers- unethical
  • Risk of real financial peril
  • Need outstanding organizational skills
  • Time consuming work
  • High turnover of people

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My#1 Recommendation for a Legitimate Online Business

But, if you only want to make a few dollars, and spend a lot of time online, then Project Payday may be for you. Read my review to learn more.

Who is Project Payday Intended For?

Anyone who want to make a few quick bucks can do this. It doesn’t take any initial investment, so that makes it appealing to a lot of people.

Anyone with a computer can make money, and it seems like an easy way to make some money at first. But soon you realize the offers are not all free.

This requires some investment, and it takes time to wait for more appealing offers. They are snatched up quickly, and on it goes.

Tools and Training Provided by Project Payday

Project Payday offers training in the form of a complete written step by step training guide,and video training guides as well. They tell you the three ways you earn money. You get paid for signing up for offers, you pay others to sign up for you,or you simply keep the products and sell them on ebay.

They also have a referral plan where you get paid $1.50 for sending people to there website. They claim if you send 20-30 people to their site, you can make $1,000 to $2000 a month.

Do the math…30 X $45=$1350  that is only half of what they claim. You would need 45 people per day to go to their site all month for $2025, and not just 20-30 like they imply. That is nearly double what they are saying.

Videos and Mentoring

They also offer videos, and mentoring, but you must be up to speed with the program before the mentors can help you, by watching all the videos and reading all the training.But if you don’t understand, how do you do that?

Bonus Packs

Bonus packs are offered for $19.95 or one offer completed, then it is free. The bonus plan is a collection of other ways to make money, like writing articles, using Craig’s list to sell, by writing quality ads, or using social media like Squidoo, Myspace, and Youtube. More and more distractions.

Ever try to write a quality ad, or even write an ad and get it to actually sell something? They have a resource section that is nothing more than the same thing as the bonus section.It is one scam promotion after another costing you time and more money.All the while, forcing you to endure more pop-up, and more upsells. And at the same time, your email box is filling up with sales hype from everybody!

Fast Fifty Program

The fast fifty program is the program that supposedly pays you $50. You just need to sign up for ten offers, and complete the transaction. Easy to say, harder to do!

You must go to a free site and sign up for free trails using your credit card and give all your personal information to complete the transaction. Then, once again, there is a trial period for the product. You must wait until the trial period is about over, then go thru the process of returning the item.

Only Buy Products You Intend To Use

If you wait too long, you are stuck with the product,and Project Payday encourages you to buy products you may want to use. Why?

Because they know people will forget to cancel before the trial period is over! That is the hard part, and most people tire of that very quickly, and see the problem with Project Payday. As I said,it requires some really, really good organizational skills! Attention to details is a must!


For beginners the support is email, and they get back to you sometimes hours later or the next day. They do have mentoring, but you have to qualify and have a good understanding of how the program works.

The pro upgrade has a trade area where you supposedly find your greens there, I never got that far, and remained stuck in the original free trials area, and never did qualify for pro level.

Update: This website is no longer in business. If you are looking for a way to Earn Money Online Check out my link below

My Opinion of Project Payday

You could make a few trials and move to pro level.However, that seems to be where you would get stuck recruiting people.Then, convince them to buy the trials and do the dirty work for you.

Most will have problems with the ethics of the program, because they are not real buyers, and they get stuck with products.

In the next level, the pro level,you deal with the stress of constantly recruiting new people,and selling the program. It is definitely not a get rich quick program, and many people do not make the first fifty.They see their e-mailbox fill with spam, and find all free offers gone.Then, they must start buying their credits, and it is no longer a free bonus.

Using up-sells and other programs as a resource bonus is just another way to take advantage of people looking to earn more money, by taking more from them. I think the program has a very low chance of anyone earning more than a few hundred consistently, and likely you spend more than you make.

This company is legitimate, but borderline in ethics, and putting personal information online over and over again,is just risky. I rate this company Fair to Poor.

Name – Project Payday

Owner – Monica St John

Price – $0 or $37+ Bonus (up-sell)

Rank – Fair to Poor

Verdict – Legit Poor Ethics

Do you really want to put your personal information at risk for a few bucks?


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Project Payday




  • Free to Start
  • Work at Home
  • No Experience Necessary


  • Not Real Shoppers
  • Risk Personal Financial Data
  • Time Consuming Work

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