Jim Cockrum’s PAC Amazon Course – Take A Look Inside

I had purchased Jim Cockrum’s PAC Amazon Course back in 2018, but never did go in that direction. At the time I was involved in affiliate marketing, and followed that path instead. I recently decided to take another look at the program, and share what I found.

The first thing I noticed was, the updated website page display was much easier to navigate. So, let me revisit this course, check out this New Learning Portal, and give you my review of Jim Cockrum’s PAC Amazon Course.

  • NameJim Cockrum’s PAC – Proven Amazon Course 2.0
  • Websitehttps://provenamazoncourse.com
  • Price$499 or 3 payments of $183($549) Paypay Credit @$499
  • Owners – Jim Cockrum
  • Quality – Excellent Value – Great for Beginners
  • Overall Rank – 9/10
  • Refunds – 100% 30 day refund
  • Verdict – Legit

Jim Cockrum PAC Amazon Course Review

Jim’s PAC Amazon Course is designed to teach you how to sell products on Amazon Marketplace.
The training is done using video’s, webinar recordings and former created courses by Jim Cockrum. It also allows you to join an active Facebook group of other PAC members . This is a closed group available to PAC Amazon Course members. 

The Facebook group allows you to get information from other members, who add personal Facebook lessons dealing with common issues people have faced while learning the process of selling products on Amazon.

The PAC Amazon Course – FBA 

FBA Filliment By Amazon means no handling of Amazon Productsts
Fulfillment By Amazon Means Never Having To Touch Amazons Warehouses, Amazons Staff,Amazons Cheap Shipping Rates, Amazons Equipment

The actual business being taught by Jim’s PAC is referred to as Amazon FBA or (Fulfillment By Amazon). This means you send your products to Amazon and they pack them up and ship them directly to your customers.

You can also choose to to ship your own products directly to your customers that purchase your products. When you choose this method it is referred to as Fulfillment by Merchant- MF.

One selling team achieved the number one ranked toy on amazon by using methods that began with this course.

This course also includes all the steps from A to Z on how to purchase products, to determining what price to sell the item. The course even details on labeling, packing the products and shipping them to Amazon.

Jim’s Course Is Broken Up Into 5 Steps

  • Open an Amazon Sellers Account – This is done within the first week of receiving the course and is necessary to start selling your products on Amazon’s Platform.
  • Source Products – This is where you get your products to sell. They offer various ways to obtain products. Sometimes this get a bit overwhelming for newbies, trying to pick which way they want to source products. There are 4 different lessons on ways to source products .# 1.Online Sourcing Strategies-Retail Arbitrage #2. Buy local sell to the world #3 Proven Performance Inventory #4 Proven Wholesale Sourcing
  • List ProductsThis is how your product gets sold, by Listing it on the Amazon platform or marketplace. You will be packing up your products that you have acquired, and listing them for sale. Two different Videos under Amazon Basics teach the whole process.
  • Ship Your Products – As I said , you can choose two different ways to ship your products. You ship the product yourself once it sells called “Fulfillment by Merchant”-MF, or you can have Amazon ship the product right to the buyer called “Fulfillment by Amazon” FBA. Both options are covered under Amazon Basics.
  • Get Paid – Once the product is sold and shipped, Amazon deposits your money into your Amazon Sellers Central Account (Minus any Amazon fees).Then regular payments are made to your bank account.

No Website Is Required

This program does not require you to build a website, you can sell products on Amazon, and even run product ads on Facebook. During this course, they are teaching it with just using mostly tricks to improve visibility and ranking for sales. This helps to keep costs low for people just starting out.

But, you will need to expect extra costs for additional tools and memberships. The Pro membership to sell products on Amazon will cost $39.99 monthly. You will also have labeling costs and shipping costs as well. So, be sure to calculate some extra cash on hand for a small inventory investment as well. Most likely $500-$1500 available cash to get started.

If you don’t have the start up costs, you may want to display your products on a website. I can show you my #1  method to get you up and running in less than a day. And, you can start a website for free, purchase a domain, and have you hosting included for less than a dollar a day  A website would save some costs but would require some content creation to get you going.

The SSM eLearning Portal

Banner Image Of Jim Cockrums eLearning Portal

Jim’s Amazon Course is now displayed on the new SSMeLearn page and is much easier to navigate than it was when I purchased the program. With 20 mini courses inside the PAC Amazon Course, you are getting a large volume of information.

Here is a peek at the inside of his SSMeLearn Portal

Image Inside The SSMeLearning Portal

This is a great improvement over Jim’s old website, and much easier to navigate. You can see below there are quite a few mini courses offered inside the PAC Amazon course. One thing that people just starting out have is the overwhelming amount of information. The course covers a lot of different styles of sourcing products and selling techniques.

 What Is Included In The PAC Amazon Course

Logo For Jim Cockrum"s PAC Amazon Course


  • Amazon Selling 101 – 5 Modules
  • SSM eBook – Jim’s Original Bestseller book.
  • Amazon Seller Central Basics – 2 Modules
  • Proven Online Sourcing Strategies – 11 Modules
  • Buy Local Sell To The World – 9 Modules
  • Proven Performance Inventory 2.0 – 11 Modules
  • Proven Wholesale Sourcing: Wholesale From Home – 9 Modules
  • *Proven Private Label 2.0 – 9 Modules
  • Coffee Masterclass – 6 Modules
  • Proven Product Partnering – 5 Modules
  • Webinars – 3 modules
  • Tools & Services – 1 Module
  • Previous Workshops And Live Events – 2 Modules
  • Proven Merch – 3 Modules
  • Proven Accounting Training – 4 Modules
  • Promotional Company Sourcing – 3 Modules
  • International AZ – 8 Modules
  • Product Sourcing Master Class – 12 modules
  • Importing From China: Resources – 2 Modules
  • Proven Book Sourcing – 10 modules
  • Proven Team Building – 11 Modules
  • Source Expand Automate – 8 Modules

Included in the training is a very helpful module called Proven Private Label.  I find this area very interesting and a unique way to market products. It  gives the basics for people who want to sell with their own label. For people who don’t like arbitrage, this is another option. The Lesson does give some details but more help is also found in videos on the Facebook page.

The Proven Private label  training teaches you to create your own product with your own label. It is again a basic overview, with enough information to allow you to pursue your own product development. But, expect to be researching the area in more detail when you want expand to the next level. Nonetheless, you can get a product on the market with the information given.

Pros vs Cons


  • Good For Beginners – Basic Course introduction
  • Huge Amount Of Information Included
  • Clean Easy To Follow Video Format
  • Step by Step Training
  • Reasonable Cost 
  • Facebook Group Provides Loads Of Advice And Tips


  • Basic Instruction – A Little Fuzzy On The Details
  • Podcasts – Too Much like Ads Of Success Stories.
  • Constant Emails Selling Webinars and Products.

Program is LEGIT

If people know nothing about selling on Amazon, this is basic enough that it explains what skills and tools you need to get started. For people who already know about selling on amazon will find the beginning of the course very basic. There are times when the program skims over some areas, and leaves some unanswered questions. Experienced people would understand better.

This increases the need for future sales of additional coaching and webinar training’s. Overall, the cost of the package, plus the fact you get access to quite a lot of Jim’s’ training’s and future training’s as well make it a great bang for the buck program.

It is also possible to build a niche website and sell products with your own website to promote them. Using the exact system I use, is a great way to build a website and promote your own or affiliate products on Amazon. It is also a legit way to become an affiliate marketing success story and do it the right way.

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If you have any questions or would like to leave a comment , please leave it below. Stop back soon!


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Proven Amazon Course


Proven Amazon Course



  • Good Basic Course
  • Easy To Follow
  • Step By Step Instruction


  • Videos Need Updated
  • Podcasts Are Self-Promotion Ads
  • Sends Emails Of Other Products

4 thoughts on “Jim Cockrum’s PAC Amazon Course – Take A Look Inside”

  1. This sounds like an interesting program.  You don’t even need a website to run the program?  It relies on facebook ads?  I wonder if that can get expensive, though.  Maybe too much for someone just starting out?  I signed up for the Wealthy Affiliate program, which I saw you were a member of yourself.  That program was free to start, and then I did join the Premium plan to get the full benefits.  I am trying to do the organic traffic to eliminate a lot of out of pocket expenses.  Have you tried the Amazon Course 2.0 yourself?  Do they give you the ads to run?  Is there a lot of step-by-step instruction?

    • Hi Babsie,

      You don’t even have to use Facebook ads if you don’t want. You can just put your items for sale on Amazon, and go with that. But, the way it works is sorta like Google ranking, and you need to win the buy box to be more visible.And it allows you to get better prices for your products. 

      The organic search is possible, through Facebook posts, and other social networks as well. I did start looking for products, and tried to get the idea, but I never jumped in and tried it. I didn’t like the fact that I would have to get set up for sending products to Amazon, and would need to keep inventory. I don’t have the room for product storage.

      They give you great ideas for ads and focused on one selling team as an example of how they promoted their products. There is enough step by step instruction to get your Amazon account set up and how to source products, and get you products on the Amazon Platform. 

      Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. Stop back soon.


  2. Most programs seem to overbloat their practices and do not provide much in the way of actual content to educate you and get you to actually work on your businesses but not with this program. This is a lot of content for the price. Were you impressed by how much content you got with this program?

    • Hi Jon,

      When I purchased my Pac Amazon Course, I was already with Wealthy Affiliates. But, this program does give a step by step process to get you started shipping your first items for sale. However, when you get further into the program, there are some issues with rules and Amazon practices. I felt I didn’t get enough details on how to figure out things like “winning the buy box” and thing like that. But, there are many mini courses in there with great ways to move forward you business. For the price, I fell it is a pretty good bang for the buck.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and stop back!



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