Make Money Online With Solo Ads – [Or Maybe Not]

Make Money Online With Solo Ads will help explain a few things you may not know about solo ads. If you are here, congratulations on doing  some research to discover more about Solo Ads.

I wanted to research these ads for my readers, because I personally have not used them. One big reason is I prefer to advertise using SEO techniques to make money online. My main reason is because there is no cost involved.

So, for entrepreneurs just getting started, there are no additional costs. That’s important if you are operating on a shoestring budget. So, here is what I found out about Solo Ads.

  • Name    –  Solo Ads
  • Website – Various Websites Promote Solo Ad List Sellers
  • Price     – Varies $10 – $100
  • Quality –  Varies By Sellers
  • Overall Rank – 4/10
  • Refunds – None
  • Verdict –  Legit, But, Caution Is Recommended

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Make Money Online With Solo Ads – Overview

The most important thing Affiliate marketers should know about Solo Ads is that these ads are specific to email marketing. If you are just starting out, you may not have an email list started yet. I think IMHO that not having an email list at first is better. Why?

Creating an email list takes time and money. When you are just starting out with a new website, it is most important to get quality content on your site first, and get free traffic to your site before worrying about an email list. Creating an email list takes precious time away from content creation, and adds another layer of work if you decide to offer a newsletter, for example. And it also costs a bit of money each month for an autoresponder. Plus, even more costs are involved if you decide to run ads.

Autoresponders Cost Money!

I know what you may be thinking. Most autoresponders have a free trial period. Yes, they do. But once it ends, you have a monthly fee for your autoresponder. Plus, you may need additional tracking software (in addition to your ad costs) and incur additional fees. Be sure these added costs will fit into your budget.

So, let’s just suffice to say that I don’t think you should try to set up an email marketing mailing list until you have at least 1000 clicks on your site. Anything less that amount of traffic, is just wasting money and time to promote products to an audience that is most likely too small to make it worthwhile. But even more importantly, try to get your website producing income before you increase your costs.

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What Exactly IS A Solo Ad Anyway?

Solo Ads are advertisements that are sent to potential customers on a list that you buy from other email list owners. These ads are entirely dedicated to promoting whatever you are marketing, and sending traffic to your squeeze page on your website.

That is why they are generally used by Affiliate marketers and Direct Marketing Promotions. This type of marketing and the unwanted nature of it has lead to laws such as the CAN-SPAM act of 2003, which allows consumers to opt-out of this type of marketing. However, it is better for the marketer to only include people who opt in. They are more likely to buy the products. Thus, making the list more profitable.

How Do Solo Ads Work?

The most important part is finding out how these Solos Ads work. This is where your Product Niche comes into play. Once you find a list seller in your niche, their are a few more things you need to do.

4 Steps To Getting Solo Ads To Work

  • Google Your Niche – To get a list from a solo ads list seller, you can simply use Google and search your target niche + solo ads. For example: type in DIY Solo Ads – you will get a list of people selling DIY lists and YouTube videos explaining how solo ads work. These are sellers trying to get your business.
  • Contact Your Selection  – Choose the seller you want to use, and contact them personally or go to their website. I would advise you to research each one, using the social networks, and places like Trust Pilot to insure they are legit and people have had good results with the seller. It is no guarantee that you will have good results, but it is a good idea to see if others had some success with this seller.

Success Is In The List

  • Two Ways To Buy Solo Ads – #1 Pay for how many “Subscribers” your Product Ad will be sent to, or #2 Pay for how many “Clicks” your email gets.
  • Amount Of Conversions – If you get a good list, you can expect a 5-10% conversion rate if the list converts well. However, more often than not, you will not convert well until you have tested your ad copy, and are sure that you get a good quality list from the seller. One way to check is to use a good link tracking software like  They offer a free 14 day trial and up to 30 day refund if you don’t like it. But, even their lowest priced plan is $37 bucks a month, So you can see why I don’t recommend using an email list till you have at least 1000 clicks to your website. It costs money!

Can Everyone Make Money Online With Solo Ads?

The positive side of Solo Ads is the fact they could be a cheap to build an email list. If you have some money to spend and you are beginning to create an email marketing list, then they could help get you some traffic quickly. But, they are also risky. There are some bad lists that can be purchased as well.

These lists could have been created by software that gathers emails by “scraping” other sites. These lists will not convert well at all. When that happens, you may think it is your landing page that needs reworked. But, it could be a bad list. This is where Solo Ads gets a bad rap.

Some lists are compiled by software or bots that just scrape other sites and pick up emails. These will not convert well. So, it is important to research the sellers and find others who have used their lists and see what kind of results they have had.

That is when a good tracking software can be worth the extra expense. You can find out if the traffic that you are getting is “good traffic” or not.

Research Your Solo Ad List Seller

The best advice is do your due diligence and research the seller. If the seller has a good reputation, then the list is much more likely to work well. This is good for those marketers just starting out, without a lot of money to spend on high priced ads. Some niches have higher priced keywords than others, so the cost of Solo Ads could be worth it. And if you have some money you can spend, you can do some tests with a few hundred bucks.

Compare costs of running ads with Microsoft or Google and determine if the Solo Ads could be cost effective. Highly competitive niches will be hard to compete with for SEO traffic, so using Solo Ads may be a better way to get your name out there. Or, if you are doing a new product launch, Solo ads can be a quick way to let people know about your product.

Where Can You Purchase Solo Ads

You can purchase Solo Ads from many vendors like Udimi, or WarriorForum. Or you can search using keywords from your product ad. This all takes time and effort to research and you can never be 100% sure if you are getting a good list. However, If you get on Facebook, and join a closed group such as Solo Ads Testimonials, you will get some good testimonials from people actually using lists. And, they post their results from sellers they are recommending. You can look at many different sellers and pick one that has the results you want.

Warm Up Your Email lists Before Sending Promotions

The best success rate from any promotion is to warm customers. In Affiliate marketing, the one thing you must do first, is to gain the respect and trust of your subscribers. You send them quality helpful articles, and let them get to know you first before you just blast them with promotions. By doing this, you are warming up your potential customers for a promotion you will be sending later.

Your promotion should be relevant to the subject matter you have sent out. The more relevant the subject matter is, the better you will convert. Establishing a repour with your subscribers is critical to a successful promotion.

Alternative to Make Money Online With Solo Ads – Free Ad Traffic

My favorite way to promote anything is to use SEO and the Social Media Channels to get some free traffic to your site. By writing a blog post using your keywords and posting it on social media is the best way to get free traffic. It does take longer and is more work than just paying for ads, but it is free.

If you are just starting out, and you are on a shoestring budget, this can be the best solution for you. And, you don’t need an email list right away. Here is My #1 Recommended Training for learning how to start your business the right way.

Is It Best For Your Business To Make Money Online With Solo Ads ?

The only way to know for sure if Solo Ads are working for your business is to track the links and determine how they are working for your business. This is why, I say to wait until you have your business established to the point of 1000 clicks at least before you start your email list. And, if you learn to generate good SEO traffic, you will not need to pay for expensive link tracking software. Instead, you can use Google Analytics and it is free.

If you have your business website established and have generated enough traffic, then you can try to increase your traffic by building an email list. You can also give away some quality content to collect some email subscribers as well. and if you want more, then give Solo Ads a try. But, again be sure to research the seller of the list you are paying for to insure the best possible outcome.


  • Builds Quick Email List
  • Cheaper Costs
  • Easily Available


  • Can Be Risky
  • Added costs
  • Tracking Software Needed

Conclusion – Solo Ads Are Legit Green Thumbs Up Image

After looking at Solo Ads, I can honestly say they are legitimate. Before you decide to use this promotion method, some caution is advised. Their are some bad characters that sell bad lists. If you do your due diligence and research your seller, you will likely have a much better success rate.

Your cost will depend upon the prices of each seller. Try to get the least amount of clicks that the seller will allow at first, Do not order a lot at first, you want to find out how the list converts first. You have to test your ad copy as well as the list, and some trial and error will be necessary.

Be sure you are ready to start an email list, and have enough traffic to make it worthwhile. Always warm up your email list subscribers before sending out any promotions. Personally, I use good SEO and free traffic. That way I have income coming in, before my costs increase any more than necessary. Once you get money coming in, you can scale up with ads then.

Now, I have a much better understanding of Solo Ads, if I decide to use them. I hope you also learned something about Solo Ads as well. Thanks for reading!

If you have any questions, or comments please leave them below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.


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Solo Ads


Solo Ads



  • Builds Quick Email List
  • Cheaper Costs
  • Easily Available


  • Can Be Risky
  • Added Costs
  • Tracking Software Needed

10 thoughts on “Make Money Online With Solo Ads – [Or Maybe Not]”

  1. I’ve heard of Solo ads, but didn’t know much about them. Thank you for explaining everything so clearly. I’ve tried my hand at PPC in the past with some small success, but prefer SEO methods at this stage. You’re right about spending a bit of time using social media to generate traffic. I’m getting good results with Pinterest

    • Hi Kathy,
      I am glad you like my explanation of solo ads. I agree with you SEO is free organic traffic. I have had luck with Pinterest as well. Solo ads are for email marketing. So, if you don’t have an email list, it won’t help you. PPC ads would be better.
      Thanks for leaving a comment, please stop back soon.

  2. Hey Chas,
    I keep hearing about solo ads and people selling them on social media so am glad to find your balanced review about Solo Ads.

    I have read and formed the view that ultimately it is someone else’s list that you are buying access for. So your product/service you are offering is very unlikely to be the product/service that the person “signed up” to that list for and therefore very likely to convert very low. Then you have given good caution, there are some bad characters that sell bad lists. This is my main fear and the main risk with Solo Ads.

    I’ll stick with building my own audience through quality content that helps people and organic growth rather than filling the pockets of the solo ad providers. This seems to be an expensive “short-cut” to me that is probably not worthwhile.

    • Hi John,
      Thank you for your kind words. Well, if they are a reputable seller, then they can be found on places like Quora, or Facebook. And people will be complaining about them if they sell bad lists. But, the draw is that these people have bought similar products and could buy again, or they have shown interest in similar products. So, they should have some success converting.

      I agree that sticking with good content and organic SEO is the better choice to avoid spending a lot of money. If you have experience with Facebook ads, they are quite good at targeting your audience. But, they are not cheap!
      Thanks for leaving a comment, and Please stop back soon.

  3. I think that I need to build my email list up first. I also wonder about the people on those purchased lists of Solo Ads, I guess that they agree to be reached by others who want to promote their products to them. I think that I may have started email marketing too soon, but I spend more time on creating content than on email marketing (for the same reason that my email marketing audience is still too small), so for now I just send out RSS emails.
    Once my audience grows I would like to work on funnels and perhaps look at some reputable Solo Ads sellers. It’s good that you recommended which ones are reputable, because I wouldn’t know 😉

    • Hi Christine,
      Thank you for your kind words. The list that are purchased are (supposed) to be warm markets in the area you are promoting. People on the list have purchased the same type of products, or have shown interest in them. So, that is the reason they sell the lists to you. And if the seller does provide a bad list, word travels fast and he won’t be selling lists very long.
      You are doing the right thing by concentrating on content until you get enough people on your list. You won’t get a good response with a small list.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Please stop back soon.

  4. Hi, Chas,

    I’ve been learning a lot about SEO, affiliate marketing, and the like, and email marketing always pops up. I’ve done some research, and it looks like it’s a good time to start building a mailing list. 

    Solo Ads looks like a good way to start this. I’m tight on money right now, so I won’t probably start using it anytime soon, but it’s always good to know the options out there.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Enrique,

      Be sure this is what you want to do. I recommend SEO first before paying for any advertising. Personally, I would researching Solo Ads sellers thoroughly first. And go slowly. Only order the minimum from your seller.

      Thanks for leaving a comment, and please stop back soon.


  5. Are solo ads better than Google ads? I have been trying to get accepted on google ads but I am failing. Maybe I should try using solo ads. That is if the pay is good. I will definitely look into it and see if it is better than google ads. Thank you for this article, I appreciate it. 

    • Hi Daniel,

      With google ads, the cost is most likely more expensive. Use SEO for free traffic as much as you can first. You need an email list to use Solo Ads. So, make sure you can afford the extra expense of an email list before you use Solo Ads.

      Thanks for leaving a comment. Stop back soon!



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