Is Entre Institute A Scam? – Find Out Now

Is Entre Institute a Scam?  If you are here now, congrats to you for researching products before you buy! I research products to help others avoid the scams and pitfalls.

I ran across some articles about Entre Institute and decided to research this product and find out if it is a legit product or a scam. Follow along as I dig into this product and answer the burning question. Is Entre Institute a scam?

Name    –  Entre Institute
Website –
Price      – $37 + Upsells From $49 to $29,997
Owners – Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting
Quality – Fair
Overall Rank – 5 /10
Refunds – 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Verdict – Legit – But Not Recommended!

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Is Entre Institute A Scam – Overview

The Entre Institute is a program created by Jeff Lerner and Adam Whiting. It is an online training platform offering training in 3 areas of online marketing. The purpose of the training is to build digital real estate assets. They do this by three methods.

  • Affiliate Marketing – selling products produced by others and getting commissions
  • eCommerce – selling and promoting your own or others products.
  • Digital Consulting – Teaching others to advertise and sell products.

The Entre Institute works in a similar way to many courses sold online. You are offered the course for a small fee, then you are pressured to upgrade to a more expensive course as you go through the training. The Entre training offered for $39 is mostly mindset videos and not any real training about online marketing. In order to get more training you have to upgrade to a higher course level.

Who Created Entre Institute?

Is Entre Institute A Scam Image Of The Founder Jeff Lerner
Jeff Lerner – Founder Of Entre Institute

Jeff Lerner’s story is one of a broke jazz musician to $100 million in online sales. Using what he calls the 3 P’s of excellence, Physical, Personal and Professional, Jeff reshaped his life.

He spent a decade building multiple 8 figure businesses, then loosing them and ending up over a half million in debt. Finding success online, he paid off the debt in 18 months.

Jeff currently works day to day in Entre, and has a business podcast, and YouTube channel.

What Jeff doesn’t tell you is that he had a coach and mentor working with him on a daily basis teaching him while he was in a head of operations job. He later admits this was a big part of his success, and he started Entre Institute soon afterwards.

Jeff Lerner Sold Some Questionable Products In the Past

There were some questionable issues about Jeff Lerner and his history on the internet. In fact he was known as a serial scammer for pushing “Get Rich Quick” Schemes that constantly failed to deliver.

Sketchy and deceptive programs like My Hidden Pages, Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, Or 6 Steps To Freedom (which is just a portal landing page) to Copy The Millionaire.

For that reason, some people claim that the Entre Institute is a scam. Another reason people feel this way, is because your one on one coach, is nothing more than a salesperson. You are required to give your phone number before you can upgrade, so your “Coach” can contact you. But, it also sets you up for pressure calls to upgrade.

They call you on the phone, with one purpose, to push you into an upgrade of the course. Not surprisingly, people are upset when this happens and complain that it is a scam constantly trying to get more money from you. You can’t really blame them, nobody likes pushy salespeople.

Basically the Entre Institute is a continual upgrade type of platform. And Entre Institute upgrades are expensive, very expensive. So, if you are looking at joining this platform, you should know the facts. Sometimes, you don’t get what you pay for!

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Is Entre Institute A Scam? – How Does It Work?

Is Entre Institute A Scam - Product Package Image

The Entre Institute has a few different levels. From a basic Entre Blueprint for $39 bucks, to the top program $29,999. Yes this program is not cheap! And from what I am able to find out with my research, is that you need to keep upgrading through all the levels to learn how to do affiliate marketing.

Entre Institute has 5 basic levels of upgrades:

  • Nation Elite Package – $49 per month or $348 per year
  • Digital Package – $1997 one time
  • Entre Results (coaching) Package – $15,000 per year
  • Inner Circle Package – $29,997 per year
  • Mastery Package – Price varies based upon qualification.

If you buy all the programs, you will have to pay close to $50,000 every year! That is a lot of money to me! Additionally, if you don’t have the cash, the Entre Institute will recommend loan companies to supply financing! Amazingly, this contradicts what Jeff Lerner teaches in the 3 stages of creating your legacy. Basically, never start out creating debt.

So, the training is set up like this.

The Entre Blueprint – $39 One Time Fee

The Entre Blueprint is the basic entry level training. It is a video training that walks you through the different steps you will be learning in the course. Overall, most of it revolves around Jeff Learner talking about everything in his training, and not much real training. Just a lot of Jeff Learner’s Philosophy. The point is, to get you into the proper mindset.

These are videos taking you through each step of achieving that proper success mindset.

  • A Walk-Through Of The Three P’s – Jeff explains his vision of what is required to live the best life, and become financially successful.
    1. Personal
    2. Professional
    3. Physical
  • Jeff talks about the three legs of successful action. And gives a detailed plan of achieving your goals.
    1. Community
    2. Strategy
    3. Belief

  • The 3 stages of building a legacy and leveraging Wealth and Growth.
    1. Leverage
    2. Growth
    3. Wealth

  • How to build an affiliate marketing business. (This is what I recommend because it is possible with costing a lot of money.)
    Jeff explains the affiliate marketing method, but offers little training.

  • A Comparison of Brick and Mortar business to an eCommerce business. The costs are smaller with eCommerce, and no storefront is required. Basically a lecture on the differences of the two types of business.

  • Digital consultant – training for a membership or agency site. The other choices for your business are affiliate marketing, or your own product or service. And this is also your advisor/salesperson that will pressure you into upgrading.

This Basic Course Is Mostly A Lecture

Although this is a basic beginner course, this is just talking and explaining the different business steps. Jeff is lecturing on how to do it, but gives no real details or hands on training.

Personally, I find that quite odd. My #1 Best Training in 2022 Recommendation starts teaching you at the very basic level with hands on training assignments. And you can look over all 10 lessons before you spend a dime! Click the link below and check it out.

Entre Institute Upgrades

Entre Nation Elite – $67 a month or $475 per year.

The Entre National Elite upgrade gives you access to weekly calls, and weekly webinars on a private Facebook group you will have access to called the Elite National. This is

Entre Digital – $1997 – One Time Payment

This is a bundle of training focused on all three popular training types. Affiliate Marketing, eCommerce, and Digital Consulting. Unfortunately, is not good actionable content. It is just more mental programing and motivational lectures.

$1997 is a lot of money to shell out for a lecture on all the different methods and motivation! There is no actionable content on how to get started. In my opinion, they are dragging out the entire process to make as much money as they possibly can from you.

Entre Results (Coaching) – $15,000 Per Year

One on one coaching sessions that help you with everything you need for your business. Setting goals, planning, and running your business. But, a few people have had complaints about their coaches.

When you pay $15,000 for coaching, I would expect a lot more than weekly and for more than 15 minutes! This program has a lot of red flags! I don’t feel like you are getting your money’s at all. My #1 Recommendation teaches the same things for only $49 bucks a month!

Entre Inner Circle – $29,997 Per Year

This is exclusive access to Jeff Lerner and his team. You get 12 monthly “Virtual Incentives” and 2 live workshops and exclusive training and opportunities. I personally think that if you are paying $29,997 a year, you should have more than just two live workshops and some additional trainings!

With a price tag this expensive, it is completely out of reach of anyone who is not already making some serious money of 6 figures or more. And Jeff Lerner expects you to be able to take out a loan, and pay for this up front, EVERY YEAR! I am sorry, but IMHO, paying this kind of money is outrageous! There are plenty of good quality programs on the internet much cheaper!

Entre Mastery Package – ?? Price Based Upon Your Qualifications

This is a package I have seen discussed frequently. You have to apply for acceptance to this upgrade and the price will vary upon you qualifications. I think a bit more clarity is need here.

Take a look at a this video review I found on YouTube.

A Video Review Of Entre Institute

Entre Institute Training Requires Constant Upgrades At Staggering Prices

I am sure at some point the training starts to begin actionable training, but it just takes to much of a money investment before you can realize any real training. Mindset is important, but Entre institute takes that to the extreme level.

Some members have not had a great experience with Entre Institute, even after spending a good deal of money!


  • Intense Motivational Training
  • Legitimate Training Courses
  • Has a Facebook Group


  • Too Expensive
  • Not Enough Actionable Content For Beginners
  • Pressure For Constant Upgrades

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Entre Institute Legit?
Yes, Entre Institute is Legitimate. Some of the tactics they use are questionable.
Is Entre Nation Real?
Yes, it is a business model created by Jeff Lerner to answer problems faced by internet business owners.
What is Entre Institute Cost?
The cost of Entre Institute training ranges from $39 to as much as $29,997.

Is Entre Institute A Scam? No, But It Is

Not Recommended! Thumbs Down Image for Not Recommended

After researching the Entre Institute, I have to say that it is a real program, and does exist. However, I think they use tactics that are not ethical. You are pressured to upgrade to get as much money out of your pocket as possible. I don’t like that, and I found complaints of others who disliked it.

It seems that all the good reviews are of people who are affiliates of the program, or connected to the platform and getting some sort of compensation. I am not affiliated with Entre Institute in any way, and my review is totally from information that I have found available on the internet.

My opinion of the Entre institute is that the program is totally overhyped by affiliates involved in selling it! I don’t believe that it is as legitimate as it is made out to be.

It sounds like a scheme that makes a ton of money for Jeff Lerner and all the affiliates pushing the program. The program takes too long preparing you mentally for the training, and not delivering any physically useful skills.

I would steer clear of this program.

Get Better Training For Much Less

If you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, I would highly recommend My #1 Best Training For 2022. It costs you nothing! Look over the first 6 lessons program for FREE. And for $49 bucks you can look over the entire premium training for another month!

My training doesn’t cost you $50,000! It cost $49 bucks a month, or $495 a year. And you start learning useful skills from day one! Not mindset crap!

There is ONE upgrade (if you choose) to Premium Plus+ for $99 bucks a month, or $799 A year. That’s it! 2 levels of training!

And you can build a successful business on just the Premium level alone.

In fact, you can stay on the platform for as long as you want for free! You won’t have access to all the great features. Did I mention, you can try the Premium membership for the first month for only $49 bucks? It is an outstanding value! And not a scam!

Thank you for reading my post. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them below. I will get back to you ASAP.


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Entre Institute




  • Intense Mindset & Motivational Training
  • Good Affiliate Commissions
  • Has a Facebook Group


  • Too Expensive
  • Not Enough Actionable Content For Beginners
  • Pressure For Constant Upgrades

10 thoughts on “Is Entre Institute A Scam? – Find Out Now”

  1. $50,000 a year, if you buy the whole kit and kaboodle, but they hook you with the $39 bucks. No thanks!

    I mean I get motivation from my friends for free. It seems the $39 only covers Lerner’s lectures that are supposed to get you excited. God forbid they teach you anything useful in the videos offered in the ‘too good to be true’ upfront offer.

    I agree that having confidence and motivation are essential to actually make money in the online business world but it is something you have to have before even starting a course like this. If you do not have it beforehand, success will be a farfetched goal.

    Thank you for doing detailed research on the founder and his previous business ventures. I am always curious to hear how many times these supposed’ gurus’ fail before getting their first ‘successful’ program off the ground.

    So many of them just gain momentum and keep spitting out programs just hoping they stick and people will buy. It’s frustrating because it makes it so hard to weed out the valuable courses from the courses that are all hype.

    This is a great site. Thanks for all the info!

    • Hi Ashley,
      Yea, they ain’t cheap! If you didn’t know anything about online marketing, then you will learn something. But, chances are you will get snookered into the upsells thinking that you need then to do this. This guy learned how to market and pushed it past the limit years ago. That is why I try to get people to follow a tried and tested method that works. My #1 Recommendation has help many people learn to start their own business and be successful at it.
      Thank you for leaving such a wonderful comment, and please stop back soon.

  2. Hey Chas. Thanks for this Entre Institute review. I did some research on the product and in connection with your review, I came to conclusion to avoid it. I think you were pretty generous about giving it 5. I think it’s too expensive, and it under-delivers, contrary to what they claim, that they over-deliver. For $15 000 you will be coached 5×15 minutes a year. That’s almost like a joke. Also, it feels to me, like there are just not enough tips on how to start the business step-by-step. Unlike, your recommendation, that fulfills that Please, keep up your great job with informing us about those low-quality products. Appreciate it. Cheers

    • Hi Julius,
      Glad you liked the review. If it helped save you some money, it was worth it. this product is expensive, and there are cheaper alternatives out there. My #1 best training for 2022 is much better for only $49 bucks a month. Thank you for your kind words. I will try to let everyone know about all these scams and over priced programs. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  3. Good review. I have looked at this program before and I can say it is ok. However, the thing I did not like is that it was full of motivation. This can be good for some but for me I felt more work should have been put on the content instead of the motivation.
    The big price tag was also not good for me.

  4. It looks like your typical sales funnel to get people to spend more money on the hope of it eventually leading to some tangible training. Glad you’ve pointed out the questionable nature of their tactics. It looks to offer little to no value at all.

    Personal Development is something that should be encouraged, but shady courses like this one do little to encourage people try platforms like your top recommended one…

    • Hi John,
      Yes it is definitely a series of upgrades to get to the next level. I am sure eventually you will get to the meat of the training, but you will be into thousands of dollars of payments. It is just not for the average person to try to buy this training. I think that some training on mindset, and motivational skills is helpful. But when you drag it out for several upgrades, it is just unethical in my opinion. My #1 Best Training For 2022 is more affordable and has the same types of training that Entre Institute teaches.
      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment, please stop back soon.

  5. This is an excellent article to open people’s eyes and help many not to wander and get lost on the Internet. You explained nicely about the Entre Institute that literally everyone has to upgrade and pay more money when they join and if they want to progress. The best recommendation is the #1 platform you recommended. Thank you for this article and I wish you success and health:-)

    • Hi Zvezdan,
      Thank you. The internet is full of scams, and I try to keep people informed. I am glad you understood that you are pressured to buy the upgrades for Entre Institute. Most people can’t afford the cost of this program. It is a waste of money for people on a shoestring budget. My best recommendation for 2022 is much more affordable, and offers the same training. Thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.
      Please stop back soon.

      • Hi MadyibiLG,
        Yes, there is no get rich quick scheme, they don’t exist. you are correct in your assessment, don’t fall for the lies. I think most people can’t afford the Entre Institute product. That s why I recommend the #1 Best training in 2022. It’s more affordable and it offers the same training.
        Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.


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