Watch Out – PayPal Fraudulent Emails Could Take Your Money!

PayPal Fraudulent Emails Image

PayPal Fraudulent Emails have been showing up in email boxes lately, and they look real. In fact, the scammers have figured out how to make fake charges appear as well. I know, because I just had it happen. Beware of these sneaky emails! Don’t click on ANY links or call any phone numbers that appear. … Read more

What Is The WordPress SEO Plugin – Does It Really Work?

What Is The WordPress SEO Plugin Image of logo With The Text Review in Red

What Is The WordPress SEO Plugin? If you are here now, you are probably searching for more information on the AIOSEO plugin. Congrats to you for researching before you choose. If you are a beginner building your own website, this plugin can help you. AIOSEO has over 3 million active users that know they can … Read more

How Do I Start In Affiliate Marketing

Man Looking at Computer with text above How Do I Start In Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing So, how do you start with affiliate marketing? Sometimes beginners get overwhelmed trying to understand where to take that first step. The concept of affiliate marketing is simple. Publishers advertise or sell products others have for sale and get a commission. Not a bad idea, right? The problem is that many people do … Read more

Beware Of The Amazon Order Email Scam – They Are Fake Emails

Amazon Order Email Scam Post Image

I was a victim of the Amazon Order Email Scam. I got an Amazon order email that was nothing but a scam. It looked so real I thought someone had hijacked my account. It stated “My order had shipped to the address I provided”.  That’s scary when I didn’t send anything! It was displaying a … Read more

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide – Good SEO Methods

White Hat SEO Beginners Guide- Image Of White Hat With Black Band -Black Text White Hat SEO-Green Text Guide For Beginners

My White Hat SEO Beginners Guide is intended to help people who are just learning about SEO. It is important to understand the value of creating content using ethical methods to insure that you obtain high quality SEO rankings. If this is your first time hearing about SEO, it stands for (Search Engine Optimization). The … Read more