Is the Ez Payday Method A Scam – Oh My

Ez Payday Method Review

  If you are here, you must be searching for clues on the Ez Payday Method. It is labeled as a 100% done for you system that will make over $1067.88 a day. I know that most of these are not worth a hill of beans, but let’s check it out and see. My review … Read more

What Is Explode My Payday About

Image Of The Complete Course Of Explode My profits

  You must be wondering, what Is Explode My Payday about? Because, you are here reading my post. You are likely searching for information, or maybe you purchased the program? I hope not! I looked at the product and I need to share the results with my readers. If you want to know if this … Read more

Massive Email Breach | Wow | 800 Million Emails Leaked

Man Behind a Green Data Curtain

It was just about a week ago when I got the bad news. I was involved in a massive email breach of 800 million emails. Troy Hunt, owner of the website Have I been pwned, sent me an email. This was not  an email I wanted to receive, but I feel better knowing what happened. … Read more

The Wanna Cry and North Korea Cyber Crimes

Tablet Displaying -Warning Cyber Attack for Wanna Cry and North Korea

    In May 12, 2017 the “Wanna Cry” virus caused worldwide havoc. A total 74 countries had reported about 45,000 attacks had taken place on hospitals, government offices and major companies. One day later 99 countries were involved in the attack and North Korea was a suspect from the beginning. There is evidence that the … Read more

Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam Shut Down By The FTC

Image MOBE with red shutdown overlay

  Matt Lloyd’s MOBE scam was declared fraudulent and shut down in June by the FTC. My OwnBusiness Education (MOBE) was started initially in 2011, according to Matt Lloyd’s website. They described themselves as a business training company,offering a large selection of business training products.These included “online training products, services, live training seminars and other … Read more

The Smart Pills Scam

Image of a hand holding a pill

I saw an ad and fell for the smart pill scam called Acceleral. Unfortunately I ordered the product. With all the hype, I just fell for the ad and purchased the product.Afterwards I was having some concerns, so I searched Google for the ad and I couldn’t seem to find it. The ads for the product … Read more

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