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What Is The Secret of Making Money Online — 18 Comments

  1. There’s just too many scams out there and can be very hard to navigate between them in order to find the legitimate places online that can legitimately earn you money. I’ve definitely fallen for a scam or two in the past, but I can say that I’ve found a place online that properly teaches you how to earn money online and does not promise thousands of dollars with just a few simple clicks. 

    You mentioned Project Payday and I had actually tried that quite a few years back and while it was the first place I ever earned money online, the process to do it I thought was horrible. I hate having to sign up for all these trials and then if I forgot to cancel, I’d be stuck paying for memberships that I don’t want. 

    What you list about the secret of making money online is spot on! All 3 of those things are essential and I’m glad that I found a place online that offers all 3 of those and more!

     Has it been a lot easier to make money online since you’ve begun helping people avoid scams online?

    • Hi Brian,

      The reason it get so hard to navigate past all the scams is we want that easy money! All they have to do is get us to believe the scam is real! We fall for them because they are good at making the story believable. Then the trick is how much of our money will the get before we figure it out?

      Payday was awful! I had so many free trials I had to cover, it was a mess. Yea, I got stuck with auto memberships, and food gift cards. I didn’t do that very long!

      This is the best way to learn about online marketing and making money from it. This system is enabling people to earn 4 digit incomes monthly. That’s real income, not income that some scam stole from people. If others want to find out how, they need to check out my #1 Recommendation for making money online.

      I have been able to spot scams quicker since I have been researching bad companies for help for scams and frauds. It enabled me to help others stay away as well.

      Thanks for the great question and comment Brian,


  2. If I had a nickel for every scam out there, I’d be rich! I too have fallen for scams because of my desire to work and live independently. I tried to make earrings and other projects like that using the “proven system” to make money at home. I tried all these MLM that were so “great,” but only cost me a lot of time and money.

    Then I found Wealthy Affiliate and I have not looked back. I have been so happy with the training which is of the highest degree, but done in easy to understand bites. Truly if someone is looking to be their own BOSS, this is THE way!

    • Hi Karin, 

      I think anyone who is trying to find extra income has fallen into the scam trap. That is exactly why scams work! We all want the easy money. But, it just is not true, ever. Boy, I know about those MLM traps also what a joke! I won’t waste my time now.

      The program that is taught by my #1 Recommendation is the best platform i have found yet, and I have almost fell for others that are not as good and way more expensive.

      If anyone would like to get their own business started, it is the best way to do it at a very low reasonable cost.

      Thanks for your great comments Karin,


  3. I completely agree with you Chas, making money online is definitely NOT easy. There are plenty of pitfalls and scams to watch out for, which I think is what keeps many people away. Thanks for the great review on this topic, I will definitely have to explore more of your site!

    • Hi Dave,

      We learn as any businessman learns by the school of hard knocks. If it were easy, everyone would have his own business. But, real businesses fail also and they have a lot of money on the line. My #1 Recommendation is one that doesn’t take anything but a desire to succeed, and the willingness to work toward success. And in the end will pay off handsomely.

      Feel free to explore all you want, and don’t be afraid to comment on anything you feel like.

      Thank you for leaving a comment,


  4. I love blogging and am actually working towards my bachelor’s in creative writing, so when I learned I could actually earn money without having a portfolio, I was all over it! Doing something I love AND earning money from it? I’m in! You’re right about the internet being full of scams and so many people only start to look for online opportunities when they’re in a desparate situation and don’t take the time to do the research they need in order to avoid the scams. By the time they get to the legitimate opportunities they often write it off as another scam and they miss out on making their dreams of working from home come true.

    You offer some great tips of not only the best ways to make money from home while being your own boss, but also ways people can save money and heartache by learning how to spot scams a mile away.

    • Thank you for the kind words! I am glad you are able to enjoy what your are doing. That is not something people who work the 9 to 5 can say. It does give you the freedom to do, what you want, when you want, without having a set hourly day. I owe it all to my #1 recommendation
      Sometimes, I stay in bed for an extra hour or two, and many days I am burning the midnight oil. It is my choice, and I enjoy that freedom.

       I hope that someone who read my article, feels the passion and decides to take a leap of faith. They can experience the same freedom in the future.
      Or maybe it will save someone from somebody else’s scam somewhere, then it’s all worthwhile.

      Thank you for your comments,


  5. Unfortunately there are many scams on the internet to making money online, thankfully I haven’t signed up to them. Doing a 9 to 5 job can be back breaking and not always paying enough. 

    Working on your own website and working from home is fun, but it will take the time and you may go through some hard days, thinking is this ever going to work. 

    But it does work, the website can be worked on in spare time after and before work, cutting down on other leisure activities to spend the time on the venture. 

    Wealthy Affiliate has a great value membership, a lot cheaper than other programs. I know people will say I can’t even afford this on top of bills and what they get paid, but making little changes like not buying coffee from the coffee shops and things like that can go towards the membership. You can even make a little money online like completing some paid surveys and like I do testing websites. 

    I am so glad I joined WA, it is the real deal and you learn so much with creating a website and also how to monetize it. It is great to work on your passion and who knows at some point, people can quit their jobs.

    • Hi Eden,

      I see you have found some value in my #1 Recommendation for earning money online. It truly is the real deal, and people have shown it works over and over again. Some find out, it is not for them, and it is not for everybody. 

      But if someone is looking for a way to get a business started with little or no money, this is it. it is hard work when you wear all the hats. But, someday it will all pay off. We make the sacrifices now, and reap the rewards later.

      I enjoy most of it, building websites and helping others. But, sometimes there are challenges and we struggle. Most small business do have problems, and they get dealt with, and are soon forgotten.

      Thanks for the great comments and insight Eden,


  6. You are so very right online business can be a minefield. I love your 3 top things , advice, and secrets of making money online. Very solid and true. Mentorship!!!! How important is that??? People miss this. They want to build a big empire but they do not want any help. 

    I tell you I do!!! 🙂 . That is a very important key to building anything successful. Out of your top 3 keys of being successful online. What do you think that people miss out on the most?

    How is the program that you recommend good at it vs what is out there online in your eyes? 

    • Hi Ceddy,

      You already covered some of the great points about My #1 Recommendation. It is the real deal, no scams!

      You learn to make money the right way, not by scamming people! It is not a scheme to take peoples money, but a way to build a real business, and build it right! With a solid foundation, your business is going to last.

      People want easy money, so when they have to work to get a business started, they go for the easy money and get scammed. The miss out on the real opportunities, the real teaching, the real deal.

      Thanks for your great comments and questions Ceddy,


  7. Hello Chas
    You covered all the details and the steps needed to start making money online.It might seem like a hard work and many give up even before they get started but I think if anyone wants to break free from back breaking jobs and making someone else rich, then creating a website and selling affiliate products is the way to go.
    It might look scary in the beginning but I believe with hard work, determination and not accepting defeat, it`s possible to make money online.
    Another problem people face when getting started online is lack of support and the many scams online.Without support, it is sure difficult to almost impossible to build a successful online business.
    Like you, I tried Chris Farell membership, although it`s a great program, I found it limiting in some ways.Like many people out there, im looking forward to one day giving up my 9to 5 and going full time online.I accept it takes hard work, but I will be working for myself and not making someone else money and having to ask when I can go on Vacation or need a day free.
    Very informative article, thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Roamy,

      You are absolutely right, people find it hard to work for something that takes awhile. And that is why the scammers get rich scheme is so powerful! When I try to explain the support we get at Wealthy Affiliates you can almost feel their eyes glaze over, but it is so true! Like you, I thought Chris Farrell way of doing it was a scammy way of tricking people and leading them down the sales funnel. I didn’t like that at all. I find helping people much more rewarding and satisfying! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment.


  8. I’m with you as I lost thousands of dollars a little more than a decade ago having taken drinks from the Kool-Aid passed out by some company that is no longer in existence.
    This fraud company promised “Financial Freedom” to everyone just as long as you were willing to follow their “proven system”. All a bunch of unfiltered garbage which I found out way too late.

    There is NO such opportunity online that can allow people to earn money quickly, no matter how the “system” that a scam program has been devised.

    The Project Payday that you discussed indeed is one of the worst programs ever invented.

    The problem with many of these scam programs being still in existence is to the fatal flaw inherent within people: greed and the fact that human beings lust for money.

    People greedily always want something, and attain it with as little effort as possible; money being on the top of everyone’s lists.

    Foolishly so many people are suckers to the lure of the easy dollar in opportunities created by criminal deviants in which the odds of becoming successful are zero and none!

    The opportunity that you promoted with Wealthy Affiliate listed as your #1 recommendation is without question the mots legit program online with the manner in which person willing to work his/her tail off are presented with training, tools and community support to eventually – and not by today, tomorrow, next week or next month become financially successful.


    • Hi Jeff,

      Sorry to hear you got bit by the scammers as well. It’s unfortunate, and I hoped I help a few who got nailed by Vibrant Web as well! They produce the worst scammy website I have ever seen! I was so angry about getting scammed, I was determined to do something about it, and that’s when I found my #1 Recommendation and with the help and training I got, I created my websites and started making money online.

      It seems that all the scammers need to do is to promise folks easy money, or convince us a get rich quick scheme really works, and like “fools” we go check it out, and we lose money!! it’s a shame we always learn the hard way! Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment!


  9. Been in your shoes, and the shoes of many others. Yes, there are so many scam opportunities out there that it seems almost impossible to find something that isn’t a scam. Some of the scams you mention i fell for as well, but there is one that kicks the crap out of all the scam opps out there and i agree Wealthy Affiliate works and that is the reason it is recommended by so many people.

    • Hi Mark,

      When you hear all the horror stories, it makes us sick to our stomachs. The con artists are good at what they do for sure! I truly believe that this is the best thing going on the internet. I hope people listen and get the great help that Wealthy Affiliates can provide! Hopefully before they get scammed!! Thanks for stopping by!


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