Scams And Frauds

Scams and Frauds always sound too good to be true! Some fast talking salesman gives you a pitch. You know the one, he talks fast and you get confused.It sounds something like this when it ads for scams and frauds.

Scams and Frauds Pitches go Like This

“WE ALSO GIVE YOU THIS FREE GIFT.  only if you act right now! “

So you think you are getting a deal and out comes the credit card. And why not? It’s only a few bucks!

$19 for a way to earn hundreds, even thousands!

What a Deal! You pull out the credit card, and charge the $19

He also tells you

” I you want to make money faster,You definitely need THIS BONUS to REALLY make lots and lots of money! Normally,people pay thousands for this, but if you act right now, it’s only $399.”

How can you pass that deal up

So you shell out a few hundred more, eager to make a fortune!  You are chomping at the bit to get started, But wait, there’s more…

The fast talking salesperson is just getting warmed up!,

” To make it even easier, we offer Your PERSONAL COACH, normally people pay up to $20,000…

but today right now it’s ONLY…$5000 and more FREE STUFF.”

Scams and Frauds Sucker People like This Daily

Now they have you for $5418 bucks!

Red scam stamp on blank check for Scams and Frauds

And what happened so far? Nothing! Nothing but promises of money rolling in.

Then, the next day you get phone calls from everybody, trying to sell you more. Now, you realize you have been had…BIG TIME!

What were you thinking! You want a refund, but you find out there Terms and Conditions say...NO REFUNDS.

Does this sound familiar? Now what?

If you have been caught up in this hysteria, you have come to the right place. Here we will get back at them, and treat them the same way, by doing all Mousetrap with scam letters as bait for Scams and Fraudswe can to foil their scheme, and let everyone know it is all a fraud.

Seniors scams and frauds are the most hurtful and damaging. Elder citizens are vulnerable to these online predictors.

Here at help for scams and frauds we look for all the help that we can find that is available to you and is actually free first of all, and I mean…It doesn’t cost anything!

If it is going to cost you anything, we will let you know right away, right up front, and we won’t try to tell you it’s free! Read my article, How to tell it’s a scam and find out what to look for.

We list the Culprits and What They Do

We will ask you to send in your scam story, and we will try to find the best help we can and will post the scam or fraud here to alert everyone else to be on thePeople in disquise holding don't worry we are from the internet sign for Scams and Frauds lookout, and avoid them. And send you in the right direction right away.

Here is a list of what steps to take if you get scammed. It is some real solutions for scams and frauds you may have been a victim of.

The sooner you act the better your chances are of getting your money back. It may help you get all your money returned, so why not give it a try.

Did I mention, It’s free? I will always give you the best advice that is free or will cost you very little first. It is methods I have used myself, and they will work.

I learned the Hard Way You won’t have to

I am a scam victim, and I know first hand how helpless a feeling it is, but together we will fight back.

My goal is to grow a community of people here and enlist our legislators to join the fight and put some teeth into existing laws. Join me and tell me about who scammed you!

I will review the site that ripped you off and expose them here.

You Can Read More About Scams Here

How People Get Trapped and Scammed

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