Bad Consumer Payday Loans Just Got Much Worse

Loans text Banner for Bad Consumer Payday Loans

President Obama passed new regulations that would curb the public fleecing by consumer payday loans. The regulation was to take effect on January 16, 2019. It was designed to help stop the poor from being trapped in these predatory Payday loans. However,the Trump Administration decided to suspend the rule indefinitely. Then, on (get the date) … Read more

Is Bob Proctor a Scam

Logo of ProtorGallagher Institute

  Is Bob Proctor a scam? He has authored many books about changing people’s lives, and claims to have helped millions achieve success. Bob describes his work as teaching people to succeed, as a success coach, not as a motivator. He believes this is accomplished simply by changing how you think. His philosophy is based … Read more

The Wanna Cry and North Korea Cyber Crimes

Tablet Displaying -Warning Cyber Attack for Wanna Cry and North Korea

    In May 12, 2017 the “Wanna Cry” virus caused worldwide havoc. A total 74 countries had reported about 45,000 attacks had taken place on hospitals, government offices and major companies. One day later 99 countries were involved in the attack and North Korea was a suspect from the beginning. There is evidence that the … Read more

Matt Lloyd’s Mobe Scam Shut Down By The FTC

Image MOBE With Red Text Shutdown Overlay- For Matt Loyd's Mobe Shutdown By The FTC

  Matt Lloyd’s MOBE scam was declared fraudulent and shut down June 5th 2018, by the FTC. My Own Business Education (MOBE) was started initially in 2011, according to Matt Lloyd’s website. They described themselves as a business training company,offering a large selection of business training products.These included “online training products, services, live training seminars … Read more

What is the AZ Formula, My Review of 10k a Week System

Image Says What is The AZ Formula

I saw an article for the AZ Formula promising $2,000 a day, or $10,000 a week! That got my attention. But, I must tell you, when I see something with claims like that, I have to be skeptical. Why would anyone want to sell a program that they can make $10,000 a week?  It makes … Read more

Agora Financial Complaints No Refunds

Agora Financial Review in text on a city image

  Agora Financial is a privately held publishing company operated in Baltimore Maryland. They are a subsidiary of The Agora. It is one of 30 independently operating companies in the Agora worldwide network. They publish books and newsletters that offer investment information, and financial insight.  A closer look at Agora Financial Complaints.       Agora … Read more

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