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Scams And Frauds

Scams and Frauds always sound too good to be true! Some fast talking salesman gives you a pitch. You know the one, he talks fast and you get confused.It sounds something like this when it ads for scams and frauds. Scams and Frauds Pitches go Like This “WE ALSO GIVE YOU THIS FREE GIFT.…  only … Read more

Scams Cons And Frauds

  Scams Cons and Frauds List   #1 Coolhandle Web Hosting Name:  Coolhandle Web hosting Service- Website: Price: $29.95/$39.95/49.95 per month Owners: CoolHandle started as a group of IT professionals in early 2001 Product Quality:  Weak Overall Rank:   Fair to Poor Verdict – 100% guarantee is FRAUD   Overview of Coolhandle Web Hosting … Read more

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Scamsters And Fraud Online

Scamsters and fraud online starts out with an earful of “sounds too good to be true” nonsense for almost nothing. Get this Free gift…. but only if you act right now! So you think you are getting a deal,  You can’t pass this up and out comes the credit card, before this deal gets away! The … Read more

Build A Website And Be The Boss

Is Wealthy Affiliates the best place to build a website? Don’t take my word for it, I want you to be skeptical. Their are too many sites out the that are only there to scam you and take you for a ride. And they are experts at doing just that. Taking your money! Well, know … Read more

Solutions For Scams And Frauds

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  I wanted to help everyone by collecting some solutions for scams and frauds. If you have been online searching for jobs or ways to make money, chances are you have been scammed once or twice. You find an ad for this incredible product promising boat loads of cash, and the next thing you know … Read more

Free Keyword Search Tool

In order for you to experience the power of Jaaxy I have permission to allow you to try a free keyword search tool for yourself. Why give it away for Free? The key to good marketing campaigns is high quality, low competition keywords. If you build a website, you want it to rank well. In … Read more