Personal Fraud Protection

Personal fraud protection is education, and knowing what defensive steps prevent fraud from happening to you.By creating your own defensive plan before you get ripped off, you are reducing your chances of getting caught up in a scam and improving your own personal fraud protection. Be Your Own Personal Fraud Protection You need to realize … Read more

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool Available [Simplified]

Image Jaaxy Logo For Best Keyword Research Tool

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy.  It has the Power, Speed and Awesome Rankings to Make it the Best! Searching for the best keywords is both time consuming and frustrating. Jaaxy is a tool that makes the process easier and faster. What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool, Jaaxy of course!  <<<Get The Jaaxy Keyword … Read more

Credit Aid: “Bad Credit” Repair Software [Discontinued]

 Bad credit repair software can be a blessing. If you have ever tried to repair your credit, it takes time. I don’t know of any fast and easy way to fix bad credit by yourself.However, Credit Aid Software, has been discontinued. It was a low cost solution to credit repair.  I have been referring my … Read more

Internet Scams And Frauds

Internet scams and frauds are being reported by International banks all over the world.India has been reporting crimes of ATM, Debit and Credit Cards, and e-mail scams being used as Internet Banking Frauds as well. People are claiming to be Company Representatives, or Customer Service Executives and personal. These impostors are then calling and asking … Read more

Dental Plans Are A Rip-Off

Dental Plans Are A Rip-Off: Got Insurance? Dental plans are a rip-off and getting worse every year.I thought that the dental discount cards were the rip-off, turns out the insurance itself is an even bigger rip-off. With the discount cards, usually the dentist that you want, does not take them. Now, quite a few dentists … Read more

Project Payday Investigation

One article of review I felt I had to write was a Project Payday Investigation. It is a way for people to earn money online. But, it is not a great way to earn money. In fact I felt is was a losing money sum game. When an online job simply pays less than working … Read more

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