How Mobile Apps Make Money

How mobile apps make money is a question few can really answer for sure. Now that our mobile phones have become a necessity, mobile apps have become a part of life for hundreds of millions of people.  But do people realize what the are giving up in exchange for that free app? About 35% are … Read more

Legal Help For Scams

Picture of A cortroom for Legal help for scams

 Before I present any options for legal help for scams, I will always tell you to try the Attorney Generals Office first. The most important reason is because it is the easiest, and best method to try to get your money back. It doesn’t cost anything to ask the Attorney Generals office for help. But, … Read more

The Pigeon Drop Scheme

Wad O $100 Bills Sticking Out Of A Wallet

The pigeon drop scheme uses a little friendliness, mixes in some trust,adds a promise of a large sum of money. The victim gives a small amount as a good faith security deposit, In the expectation of a big return.But what really happens is the scammers make off with the good faith money, and the victim … Read more