The Nigerian Letter or “419” Scam

Mans Eyes Staring Behind A Laptop Looking Suspicious For The Nigerian Letter

The Nigerian Letter or 419 scam has been around for awhile. I can remember getting some of these letters,or ones similar in my e-mails years back. This scam is listed on the FBI-IC3 website. The Nigerian Letter is listed as a current scam, and it is still being used today. It is named after the … Read more

Internet Frauds and Scams

Ominous Green Globe Under a Black Hooded Outline Of A Person For Internet Frauds and Scams

Internet frauds and scams are in the news almost everyday. We hear about a new scam,or con or fraud, where somebody lost money. However, if it does not affect us, we don’t care? It is simply that the stone is not in your shoe. And if it is not you, why worry about internet frauds … Read more

What Steps To Take If You Get Scammed

Image of Help For Scams And Fraud Logo

 When you get scammed, it is not pleasant. Quickly, it becomes very important to know what steps to take if you get scammed. You had a gut feeling something was wrong, but a fast talking salesperson fooled you. Or the product you ended up with is not at all what you imagined it would be. … Read more