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Internet Scams Fraud with the EMV Secure Chip Cards

A Blue Credit Card With An EMV Chip

Internet scams fraud with the EMV secure chip credit cards is supposed to be very unlikely. I mean isn’t that the whole point of the “new protected credit cards”? So what does EMV stand for? EMV stands for Europay, MasterCard,and Visa. With all the talk about these new EMV secure chip credit cards being involved … Read more

Popular Internet Scams – Don’t Trust Them!

Image Of Older Dog Beside Basket With Matching Puppy -Popular internet Scams - Puppies For Sale

  Popular internet scams show up each year particularly around the holidays.The pet scams are a perfect example.The scam is to offer pets for sale, and request money be sent.Then, no delivery is ever made and the pet owner disappear. And of course, the money is gone. Pet lovers beware, this is becoming one of … Read more