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Scams Target Business E-mails

Scams Target Business E-mails and have been for quite some time, decades even. The FBI IC3 division, known as Internet Crime Complaint Center has been warning since October of 2013 and they remain active.Even in August of 2015 they reported an update for one of the scams, called Business E-mail Compromise scam, also known as(BEC) and … Read more

How To Tell It’s A Scam

Text Scam On Triangle Sign For How To Tell It's A Scam

How do you tell it’s a scam? Consider this, is it a reputable source or a likely scam? People using robots, telemarketers, infomercials or bulk emails, likely are not going to be reputable companies.That is why the internet is getting such a bad rap.So many scams have found their way onto the internet, it has … Read more