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Dental Plans Are A Rip-Off

Dental Plans Are A Rip-Off: Got Insurance? Dental plans are a rip-off and getting worse every year.I thought that the dental discount cards were the rip-off, turns out the insurance itself is an even bigger rip-off. With the discount cards, usually the dentist that you want, does not take them. Now, quite a few dentists … Read more

Project Payday Investigation

One article of review I felt I had to write was a Project Payday Investigation. It is a way for people to earn money online. But, it is not a great way to earn money. In fact I felt is was a losing money sum game. When an online job simply pays less than working … Read more

Vibrant Web Investigation

This Vibrant Web Investigation is a look at a company that has a history of complaints. They are a website building service, that operates in a very different way. They sell a license for your site, so you are not the owner. It is similar to a car lease or renting an apartment, you only … Read more

Success With Anthony

Anthony Morrison -Success with Anthony

This is a review of Success with Anthony. I found this product while searching for ways to make money online, and what a mistake this was.All this program consists of is an endless series of up-sells that are all claimed to enhance your success. I found myself quickly deep in debt, with nothing to show … Read more

Coolhandle Investigation

Coolhandle wesite picture for Coolhandle Investigation

 Welcome to my Coolhandle Investigation review. I am going to take look into the company called Coolhandle. They are a webhosting company and have been in business since 2001. Over the years they have improved their service in some ways and lagged behind in others. Let me tell you what i found in my Coolhandle … Read more

Credit Score Scam Alert

I felt I needed to include a credit score scam alert article to warn people about these scams.A bad credit score will prevent you from getting a loan for that nice new pool you wanted this summer. Naturally, you want to do something to get that score higher. So, if you have a bad credit … Read more